Goldstein’s Renaissance Engineering Summer Camp Incorporates Art, Design, Mechatronics, and Mentoring

Lorena Escamilla, Jesus Zavala, and Molly Goldstein.

According to Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (ISE) Teaching Assistant Professor Molly Goldstein, the idea for the brand new WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) camp for 25 middle school students—Renaissance Engineering: Art, Design, and Mechatronics—came from a cardboard box. From that humble beginning, she and a pair of undergraduate students, Lorena Escamilla and Jesus Zavala, designed a virtual camp centered around two fun, hands-on, paper mechatronics activities sure to intrigue the younger students. Their goal was to pique participating middle schoolers’ interest in STEM. The hope was to firmly entrench the younger students, who are at a critical age, in the STEM pipeline. Here’s the story behind the story.

Because she has little kids at home, Goldstein had signed them up for an innovation camp for the summer of 2020, which hadn’t happened because of the pandemic. “They mailed us this kit—this box of wonderful, wonderful, cool things. And it sat there taunting me,” she admits… Click Here for the Full Article